Saturday, December 31, 2016

Amla-Indian gooseberry - നെല്ലിക്ക

Name of Indian gooseberry in different languages:

Hindi: Amla
English: Emblic myrobalan, myrobalan, Amla
Sanskrit: Amalika, Amla, AmlakiMalayalam: Nelli നെല്ലി

Plant description:

Indian gooseberry(Phyllanthus Emblica ) is a deciduous tropical tree, monoecious, grows to the height up to 18 meters tall, leaves are small, green, oppositely arranged, flowers are greenish-yellow flowering is March to May, fruits are fleshy, pale green, globose and single-seeded, a drupe, globose, 1 to 1.3 cm in diameter.Useful plant parts: Seed, fruit, leaves, bark, the root and flowers.It is an effective natural remedy for curing many diseases. It can cure Rheumatoid arthritis, inflammation, some types of cancer, age-related renal disease, eyes disorder, diabetes, indigestion, heartburn, balance Vata, pita, and Kapha. It is one of Triphala group.
Chemical content: Ascorbic acid, flavonoids, kaempferol, ellegic acid.

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Friday, December 2, 2016

Indian garcinia- കുടംപുളി

Scientific name-Garcinia gummi-gutta 

English: Brindleberry, Malabar tamarind, pot tamarind
Hindi: Bilathy Amly बिलाति अंलि
Malayalam: Kudampuly

Plant description:

Indian garcinia or Pot tamarind tropical tree grows up to 12 m tall. Leaves are simple, opposite, petiole 5 to 1.6 cm long, elliptic, tapered to apex, trunk and bark are reddish brown color and with yellowish sticky latex, flowers are borne in axillary as clusters, calyx cream and petals pink. Fruits or berries resembled with pumpkin and pale green to yellow when ripe, globose, 6 to 8 grooved, 5 cm in diameter and many seeded. Dried fruits except seeds are the useful part.

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